Casino online Malaysia – if you’re confident, you will win

Are you fond of the game of Casino online Malaysia? Nevertheless, you cannot beat the game, or never have a win. Some of the following advises and tips will help you a lot in choosing the most suitable game in more than a hundred and fifty of the Malaysian online casino games as well as win the biggest prizes.


You might think that any of casino online Malaysia games will appropriate for you, or you will lose since you are a new player. Nevertheless, the reality is not the same as this. You will lose the game because of your wrong choice. You usually choose the most popular games instead of choosing the game that suits yourself, this is a big mistake. When playing the game is not appropriate for you, you cannot focus and make inaccurate decisions and as the result directly lead to game over. Therefore, before choosing a certain game to play, try playing different games, read reviews and opinion of other players on the board and you will have a more objective view of the games that have a direct impact on your decision.


The second tip is that you should read the rules as well as understand them carefully. Most of casino players played in actual casinos really think they understand all the rules and they do not need to read the rules of the game anymore. Still, this is Casino online Malaysia – a famous online casino game, it will definitely have many differences from the real casinos. So when players do not understand the rules clearly, they can lose because of subjective factors. Therefore, before playing online casino, the thing that you don’t understand, feel free to ask the other players and they will be glad to help you.


The final advice that can help you win the great prize, besides knowing the rules and selecting the appropriate game, it is also depending on your thinking as well as your attitude when playing. It may sound irrelevant; still your attitude is one of determining factors that will lead you to victory. Before joining the game, you should feel comfortable, keep your confidence, calm and respect for your opponent, keep a decisive manner when making decisions. All these factors will help you maintain your level. Because even think this is the online casino game, prizes that you can win rewards are real. So let’s play the game comfortably and grab the greatest rewards.


In conclusion, to have a game to play in Casino online Malaysian really is not that hard. The problem is that before joining any Casino online Malaysia game, you have to really look closely, carefully select and understand the rules and last but not least play the game with a confident and decisive attitude. You will see the reason that you lost is not because you cannot win but because you do not have a logical choice along with no suitable playing strategy. So be confident that you choose an appropriate game and play it decisively.


About Great Blue slot game

  • General Information

The Great Blue slot game is known to be made by the game software developer called Playtech. It is built on the base of 5 reels as well as 25 pay lines. As you could guess from the name, the slot has a transparent motivation in everything focusing on underwater environment. The symbols related to all aquatic creatures under the sea consisting of killer whale, sea horse, the oyster and pearl, vivid fish and shark.

  • Description

Slot Great Blue was created by one of the most popular game software developers – Playtech. Playtech offers its service to a huge number of online casinos in the world including Malaysia online casino. The important feature of this game is a really impressive as well as vivid graphics. It will show you the deep blue ocean and its creatures in a special way. You will certainly have a chance to draw a blank about everything bothering you throughout the day and let relax when playing this exciting game. As you have already known, this slot is intimately relates to the aquatic theme. That is the reason why you will see many adorable underwater creatures that function as many symbols on the any lines.

  • The practical effect

Nevertheless, this slot game Great Blue is not just a smooth interface. It is also a huge chance to achieve big prizes. You have to collect a mixture of 5 scatters. Here you will be able to earn extra free spins that will enhance your luck to win a massive reward. Moreover, you are going to be offered many bonus games instead of just one. This makes the Great Blue very popular with all the gamblers. Developers controlled to think of an optimal equity between the best quality product and the high feasibility of winning for all the players. In addition, you are able play it freely with no cost.

If you are thinking of a summer holiday and scuba diving in the blue oceans, then set off an adventure under the sea.

A straightforward to play, very astonishing as well as conceivable game, the Great Blue has adorable underwater themed graphics with conventional slot action for a game that is excellent for new players and those long time players who are looking for a new experience.

This 5 reel online slot game has total 25 pay-lines; therefore, have gained a lot of chances to win big. Liquid blue complexions mean that this game is easy to play. In company with common high ranking card symbols which go along the reels, you are going to see the collection of underwater creatures. These oceanic creatures can show up in the winning pay lines, and are quite delightful as well. Take a look at the turtle, tropical fish, seahorse and oyster with a pearl inside.

The Great Blue slot game has a huge number bonus trait that make this a fun-wrapped gaming experience: land 3 shell and pearl symbols on the reels and you are going to attain a number of free spins as well as a bonus called ‘pick a shell’ round. Collect the whale symbol, which acts as the wild symbol; and it will replace any other symbol on winning pay lines – supporting build even more valuable combinations that give you huge money awards.

Great Blue slot game is a great betting game


Great Blue slot game contains a number of lovely sea creatures. The Great Blue’s creatures contain the starfish, yellow stripy fish, seahorse, turtle, whale and a flashy pink clam shell.

The whale has the role of a wild symbol, substitutes for all other symbols except for the pink clam shell and doubles all of your payouts. When the whale pops up on the reels, he does a thrilling flip in joyful moment. Gather 5 whales on the reels in order to attain 10,000x of your bet. This is an incredible pay out from the wild symbol as well as amongst one of the best payouts in online slot games.

Coin size and bet

You will be told that it is a famous online slot game that comes with risk takers. The quantity of pay lines may be medium at 25; however, the stake of a line can go up to £1,000 with the maximum coin size of £100, making the max you can bet on a certain spin a massive of £25,000. Punters looking for a slower beginning needn’t anxiety as you could simply alter the coin size to £0.01, giving you a lowest wager of just £0.25 per spin. There are a huge number of feasibilities as well as fish to catch.

Bonus feature

The Orca Killer Whale symbol in the Great Blue is acting as a wild symbol and shows up on all 5 reels whereby taking place of all other symbols to complete feasible payout mixture. Each payout contains the wild will be doubled and also shows up stacked on the reels to serve as a stacked wild multiplier.

The Great Blue bonus feature activated by the Clam shell scatter offers 8 free spins as well as a multiplier worth 2x. Moreover, you choose 2 more Clam shell symbols to get some extra free spins and multipliers. You are able to win up to 33 free spins as well as a multiplier up to 15x.

In addition, Clam shell scatter rewards scatter multipliers from 2x up to 500x when more than 2 scatter symbols displayed anyplace on the reels.

  • Gamble feature

The gamble trait is activated each time you reach a payout. Players can either choose to play or not to play the gamble feature and allows you to bet with half or the total payout. In the gamble trait, a player would have to guess the card color whether red or black of the card shown on screen upside-down. A right decision will double your payout while a wrong guess decreases it.

You will see plenty of slot games at Casino Online Malaysia to choose. The Gamble feature of Great Blue slot game means that whenever you attain a win, you have the option to bet it to double your winnings by guessing the right card color. This is an awesome chance to win big if you are brave enough to gamble.

Great Blue slot is suitable for players who like the atmosphere of the blue ocean together with the passion for high volatile game.

Viridi is a new meditative garden title from Ice Water Games that’s now available on Google Play

While some games focus a lot on action, others are all about relaxing and that is one of the themes behind Ice Water Games’ new release called Viridi. If this game sounds familiar, it should, as we covered its development back in the earlier part of 2015. After our initial coverage, not much in the way of news had been released from the developers regarding where the game was at in terms of development. Now we get to jump right into it and start playing.

Viridi, for those of you who missed our previous coverage, is sort of like a virtual pet game but without the need to pet, play, or generally entertain and feed a digital pet. That doesn’t mean you don’t have any responsibilities either to your potted plants. You will need to water them appropriately in order to ensure their growth. Under- or over-watering them will result in dead plants. Give your plants enough attention and you will be rewarded with them blooming for you. You can even zoom right in to see the plants in more detail.

Once you’ve figured out what plants you want to grow, with the seed selection being found in the nursery, you plant them into your pot and begin taking care of them so that they can grow. You can name your favorite plants as well. The nursery will have different types of seeds being switched out on occasion, so there should be plants that you don’t have available at different times.

Viridi is available for download off of Google Play for free and does contain optional IAPs. These are so you can permanently buy and keep your favorite plants, although each week there will be free seeds available as well. There is also a version available for PC over on Steam.

Nvidia announces the upcoming release of two more console games onto their hardware

In other Nvdia related news to come out in the last 24 hours, the company has announced a couple of other games that are being launched on their platform. First, is an upcoming platformer known as Mighty No 9. This game looks like it is pulling it’s visual and style cues from the classic Mega Man games of yore.

Players will be able to control a little robot looking hero, who can dash, jump, shoot, and absorb the power-ups of destroyed enemies, who are all robots. As a fan of that franchise, I’m excited that the game’s official Twitter account indicates that Mighty No 9 is being developed by fans of Megan Man, and I have to say that I’m really looking forward to this one.

The trailer is below here, so give it a look.

The other game that is coming to Nvidia hardware is the Lego game for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In this game, players will be able to relive the story lines of the eponymous movie, while also being able to take advantage of exclusive content on other adventures that slot in between episodes VI and VII of the Star Wars movies. The game will include a variety of characters that include Chewie, Solo, Finn, and Rey, among others, as well as locations such as Jakku or Starkiller Base. There will even be a variety of vehicles included too. Check out the trailer for this one below, to see more of the Lego action.

Both of these games are set to be released through Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service later this month. From what we know, it looks like Mighty No. 9 will be arriving first and real soon, as in tomorrow.

Enjoy placing virtual wagers on soccer/football matches in Sim Betting Football, now out on Google Play

As a kid, my grandfather had a toy blackjack game, not much larger than a gameboy. I remember playing with it extensively, so I can see the appeal of games that revolve around betting that isn’t real. Once such game, released by Vindicta Games, is called Sim Betting Football and is a new type of football/soccer game. If this sounds familiar, it is because we talked about this game back in March 2016 when it was on Kickstarter looking for additional funds.

Players will be analyzing clubs as well as players. Individual athlete history such as age, position, and how well each athlete performs in other, more specific metrics. Such metrics include dribbling, creativity, shooting, passing, movement, technique, and more. All of this can be taken into consideration, and are available for players to weigh, as they place their virtual wagers. Players will also have access to game highlights, news feeds, and more at their fingertips.

This game includes hundreds of clubs and thousands of players from over a dozen leagues and five different nations. The names of the players will be procedurally generated, so no official player names are used, nor are the club names the same either. Lastly, the outcome of games are only the beginning of what can be wagered upon, as other options include the over/under, clean sheet, the score at half time, cards, corners, and more.

Sim Betting Football Features:

– realistic football simulation and match engine
– 5 nations, 15 leagues, 300 clubs, 7,000 players
– detailed statistics and data
– 13 betting markets
– 26 achievements to unlock
– 3 online leaderboards
– 3 languages: English, Italian, Spanish

Virtual coins are used in the wagers, and can be acquired through watching video ads, or used on the IAPs that will unlock other leagues and markets for wagering. The game includes leaderboards, to give the “high rollers” a place to show off. The game itself is available from Google Play for free, and also includes the optional IAPs I mentioned earlier.

[Update: Release Date] DotEmu reveals that Titan Quest will be arriving for mobile devices soon

DotEmu’s next project is bringing a game to mobile devices in the near future called Titan Quest. For those of you not familiar with this game, Titan Quest is an ARPG (Action-RPG) title which was originally released for PC back in the Summer of 2006. So it isn’t the oldest game DotEmu has brought over to mobile.

Update: June 20th, 2016 2:23pm PST: For those of you eager to get your hands on this game, the wait is almost over. A release date has been announced for Titan Quest, which means you’ll be able to pick up your copy of this game on July 7th, 2016 off of Google Play. The release date was announced via DotEmu’s Twitter account. No word on pricing yet, but it will almost assuredly be a premium title.

In Titan Quest, players will be jumping into a mythological world where you will take control of our hero, who heads out into said world to rid it of monsters that have suddenly appeared. You are not stuck in one location however, as you will be traveling to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Silk Road/Asia. Back when this game was originally released, it had a lot of advanced mechanics implemented like ragdoll physics and full lighting effects.

Original Titan Quest screenshot

The original game also came with a world editor, which players could use in creating custom worlds, mods, and quests. It also came with a Diablo-style multiplayer mode, where 3-6 people could jump into the same world and quest/explore together. These are the two features we are awaiting confirmation on being included with this new mobile version of the game.

Unlike a lot of previous DotEmu released, Titan Quest will have a couple of developer diaries available to watch in order to learn about the game and see some of the gameplay in action. Titan Quest is slated for release on May 19th, 2016 for iOS, with the Android version following shortly afterwards. No word on pricing as of yet. We will post an update once we get confirmation on those two features as well as when the second developer diary video is released. You can check out the first developer diary below.

Prism from Clint Siu is a stunning exploratory puzzle game. Definitely check this game out!

Clint Siu is a VFX artist and solo independent game developer. His game Prism is fascinating, completely enthralling and absolutely stunning. If you like games that put you in a meditative state as you explore the content, look no further than Prism. You will be glad you did.

Mr. Siu is based in Reno, Nevada. _Prism as it is listed in the Play Store, is a game that arrived earlier this year on iOS. Once look at the visuals and you can see why this game has won a few awards. It goes deeper than that actually, the gameplay is just as impressive as you enter a game without any instructions whatsoever. You have to figure out what to do on each level, and the complexity of the levels increases over time.

_Prism is not a long game, so beware of that before you dive in. The listing says you can finish the game in about an hour. It is also a premium priced game coming in at $2.99  I know what some of you may be thinking, $2.99 for an hour of gameplay? As I have mentioned before, you can’t put a price on high-quality games, especially if you don’t like freemium games that seem to have overtaken the Play Store.

_Prism was developed as part of Stugan, which is an indie game accelerator started by different game creators that were involved in games like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and others. One look at the game and the other games that I mentioned look nothing like -Prism, but it was developed with twenty-three other indie game developers.

“_Prism is a visually stunning journey through a microcosmic galaxy. Touch shapes and patterns to unfold sacred geometry and reach the ethereal soul. Each level is a push and pull of cinematic design, mythology, and intuitive touch exploration.” – Clint Siu

It is easy to get pulled into this game. The graphics, music and game mechanics, are seamlessly woven together. From the opening image you naturally figure out what to do. The puzzles or diagrams that appear on the shapes make me think of a future-type of hieroglyphics. As you push and pull on the objects, it is fascinating to see what will occur next, as the objects literally unfold before you into different shapes.

_Prism Game Features:

  • 13 Enchanting levels totaling about an hour of gameplay
  • Original, zen-like soundtrack
  • Rotate, pinch and zoom to capture the universe through your own personal camera lens
  • Based on the Classical Elements, each piece of sacred geometry is a symbol for the elements that build up our lives and our world

The goal of each puzzle is to get to the center of the object. As you push, pull, rotate and zoom in and zoom out, the shapes transform before your very eyes. The exploration is wonderful, as well as every element that has gone into the game. I know this game has been awarded and reviewed by quite a few sources, but let me say if it has not been said, this would make a perfect game for VR. The game immerses you into its world, and I can only imagine how the sense of being involved in the game would exponentially increase with VR. We can always hope right?

If you enjoy puzzle games or games that don’t necessarily tuck into one particular genre, then you should definitely try out _Prism. It is a wonderfully created premium priced game that has no in-app purchases. From the slick menu, all the way through the puzzles and music, you will enjoy what Clint Siu has created. Now is the difficult part… eagerly waiting to see what he will craft next.


Nvidia announces that Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel are coming to Shield products

As many of you know, we were at E3 2016 all last week, and unfortunately some of the news we couldn’t get out fast enough due to the lovely internet connection found at these events each year. However, in case you missed this, Nvidia has announced that two more Borderlands games which are being ported over to run on Shield devices.

Both Borderlands 2, as well as Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will be coming to multiple Shield devices, including Shield Android TV, as well as their current tablets that utilize the K1 processor. In Nvidia’s announcement, they mentioned that both of the games will be added to their “store” (which links back to Google Play). Currently, the Pre-Sequel can be found there already for $14.99, but it’s not compatible with my Shield tablet, being a Shield TV exclusive at this point.

So while there’s no release date specified, we can at least know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. If the Pre-Sequel’s pricing is any indicator, these games will set players back $14.99 each. Here’s hoping that Nvidia gets those up quickly.

Smartboy accessory by Hyperkin can turn your phone into a functional Gameboy

As a kid, I remember enjoying a few different types, be they the Tiget handhelds, my brother’s Game Gear, or Nintendo’s Gameboy, all of which (plus more later) enabled gaming “on the go. Hyperkin is a company that has been working on an emulator that runs Gameboy games, and is dubbed the Smartboy. “Big Deal!”, I might hear you say. Well, it might interest you, dear skeptic, to know that this emulator is different from just downloading and running ROMs in two ways.

First, it physically emulates the feel of the Gameboy, with the same cross-pad and two-button scheme, even down to much of the coloring. The idea is that players can slide their phone into a shell (with the phone remaining in landscape), thus obscuring the lower portion of the screen, and leaving the upper portion to emulate what would otherwise be the screen of the Gameboy. That being said, some small physical details altered, such as the dearth of Nintendo markings, and Hyperkin’s markings being used instead. The other facet worth considering with this emulator is that the physical shell can play the physical Gameboy and Gameboy Color cartridges.


-Open source serial app and firmware 
-Compatible with GB and GBC cartridges 
-Classic handheld-style tactile button set 
-Designed for Android smartphones 
-Double-sided micro USB port

The hardware and software requirements are for Android phones that are between five and six inch screens, and they must run at least 4.4.4 OTG. Lastly, to any developers out there, Hyperkin is offering a royalty percentage (of retail ready units that are sold) to anyone that can “improve the Smartboy’s serial app and firmware”. The offer, along with the ability to purchase the developer kit, can be found here. It is worth noting that what’s going to be released at this point is a developer kit, and Hyperkin is asking $60 for it. It’s tentative shipping date is December 1st. So with the ease of emulating via ROMs and what not, does something like this that can run physical carts have any appeal?

Source: Engadget